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Legal & Copyright Notice

As the creator of this site, I claim my intellectual property rights to its content.

As the creator of the present day(the colour) photographs contained in this site, I claim full copyright to them. If anyone wishes to make use of any of these I would ask that they contact me in an appropiate manner. I am more than happy to share these on condition that this site is given full credit for them.

It is acknowledged that some of the present-day photographs are of private residences. Their inclusion here is only for academic information purposes and there is no deliberate intent on my part to invade the privacy of the respective owners or occupiers of these properties. However, if any of the respective owners or occupiers of these private residences should wish to object to the inclusion of the photograph within this site I would ask that they contact me so that we can discuss this matter further.

I claim no copyright of the retrospective (the black and white) photographs within this site. The issue here is both straight forward and complicated in equal proportions. As I understand it, the original photographer, the creator of the photograph, owns the copyright for up to 70 years beyond his death. However, if the photographer sold the photograph to, say, a postcard publishing firm, then it is that firm that held the copyright. Since the 1980's many books of old photographs have appeared. For example, many of these books feature photographs by the well-known Cardiff photographer Ernest Bush. Mr Bush died in 1930 yet many of the photographs come from postcards and these are dated pre 1910 and consequently the copyright in the postcard had expired.


The policy that I have adopted is that I have tried not to use any photograph taken later than 1939 unless specific, and written, permision has been granted for its use. In all cases, I have quoted the source where I first saw the photograph and this information is detailed on the Links page of this site.


In any event, if anyone claims legal copyright in any photograph used in the site I would ask that they contact me so that the matter can be settled in an amicable manner.