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Photographic Sources

Not withstanding the comments on the legal page, I set out below the sources of the sundry photographs used with this site and which are mostly noted with the comment "Commercial and other sources"


1. "Undeb yr Annibynwyr Cwmraeg - Llawlyfr Cyfarfodydd Canol Rhondda Tonypandy Mehefin 14,14,16,17 1948"


     (a) Bethania, Dinas

     (b) Interior, Tabor, Penygraig


(This publication is also part of the Mid Glamorgan Chapel Survey filed under Ebenezer, Tonypandy (MGCS/CS/54.006) so I have adopted that, previously permitted, reference)


2. "Undeb Bedyddwyr Cymru Llawlyfr Cyfarfodydd Blynyddol Noddfa Treorci Hydref 18,19,20,21 1909"


     (a) Nodddfa, Treorchy (rear view)

     (b) Beulah, Treorchy


3. "Undeb Bedyddwyr Cymru Y Llawlyfr Salem, Porth Medi 14,15,16,17 1931"


     (a) Salem, Porth (interior)

     (b) Bethania, Porth

     (c) Calfaria, Wattstown


4. "Tabernacle, Porth Jubilee Souvenir 1924"


     (a) Tabernacle, Porth

     (b) Tabernacle, Porth (interior)


5. "Hanes Yr Achos Carmel, Treherbert 1957"


     (a) Carmel, Treherbert (interior). This photograph appears to be a truncated version of one that is published in 'Upper Rhonnda Volume Three'.


6. "Hanes Eglwys Jerusalem Ton 1920"


     (a) Jerusalem, Ton-Pentre (original chapel)

     (b) Jerusalem, Ton-Pentre (interior)

     (c) Bethel, Ystrad (original meeting-house)


7. "Braslun o hanes yr eglwys Bethesda Ton Pentre 1938"


     (a) Bethesda, Ton-Pentre (original chapel)

     (b) Bethesda, Ton-Pentre (interior)